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Advanced K9 Training - Stars
I have known Joe since the 1990s when he helped me train my previously very aggressive German Shepherd to a Sch B with USA Judge Mike West. Joe is fair, kind and sticks up for what he thinks is right. His training success speaks for itself via the numerous awards he has earned and via the numerous people and dogs he has helped. He has trained multipurpose dogs, from bomb detection and SchH competition, to TV commercials. Give Joe a challenge, and he will master it! You won’t find a better person to teach you and your dog. I give Joe’s K9 Training “10 STARS” every day of the year!!!

Mary K.

Advanced K9 Training - Stars I’ve know Joe for a quite a while and I’ve seen him work with many dogs. He has an excellent eye for handing dogs and is a very well know trainer in our area.
Lori M.

Advanced K9 Training - Stars My Malinois loves Joe! Shes been training with Joe for two years, after other failed training experiences. When she started with Joe, she was difficult, timid, nervous around strangers, distrustful, and quick to challenge authority. Joe trained her to be better behaved, less stubborn, and more obedient, while earning her devotion and respect. What I have now is a happy dog, and family, as a result of Joes enormous skill, confidence, patience, and persistence.
Marg B.

Advanced K9 Training - Stars The most amazing best of the best dog trainer. Joe is not well known and well accomplished as a trainer, he is a well proven animal behaviorist who can solve your most complicated dog issue. I have witnessed him work with puppies, and old dogs, and super aggressive dogs, and very abused and timid dogs. ALL WITH OUTSTANDING RESULTS!!! He is also a dog lover, and has a highly trained dog himself and is always training. True k-9 expert, one of the few in this country like this. His rates are very reasonable too and well worth every dime!
Olga B.

Advanced K9 Training - Stars Joe was incredible with our 1 year old, stubborn and very sensitive Cane Corso. He spent 2 weeks with her and then trained our family as well. We now have a wonderful, family dog who has manners and walks perfectly on a leash! I can’t speak highly enough about Joe and his patience, kindness, and skill. He is amazing!
Dana C.

Advanced K9 Training - Stars Probably the BEST dog trainer I have ever known, and I say this as a trainer who has trained a pup to schutzhund III. He is the trainer other trainers call when they can’t figure out what to do with a problem dog.
Nicholas A.

Advanced K9 Training - Stars Joe Moldovan is one of the top Schutzhund trainers on the east coast. He also trains house pets as well.Joe has been training dogs for over 40+ years. I have had my dog trained by Joe. Joe guided me to obtain a Schutzhund title. Joe is the real deal.
Michael B.

Advanced K9 Training - Stars I do competitive dog sports. I have gone to Joe’s K9 Training for coaching this past year.Joe has such a vast knowledge of dog behavior and training and is so willing to share it. Really enjoy watching his nationally competitive dog, Graff. Joe’s K9 Training is fairly priced for high quality training. Due to Joe’s help I and my female German Shepherd Dog have won High in Trial twice. i have observed Joe training clients with their dogs and the results are consistently above the rest.
Felicia R.

Advanced K9 Training - Stars Joe is one of the best trainers out there! I travel 3 hours just to train with him. I wouldn’t trust my dog to anyone else.
Alexandra A.

Advanced K9 Training - Stars Joe is the most experienced and qualified trainer in the South Eastern PA region. Joe is extremely knowledgeable and was very capable of helping me with my dog who was reactive to other dogs. He will take the time to thoroughly explain how to achieve the best results for you and your dog. Joe is very fair with his prices. You will not be disappointed after training with him. I would highly recommend him for anyone who is interested in training their dog.
Sydney B.

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