Some Training Demonstrations

Joe Moldovan and Graffight at Greater Philadephia Expo, some demo of ipo training

Graff Obedience Routine 2016 AWMA Nationals

Joe Moldovan and his Malinois, Graff Obedience 2016 A.W.M.A Nationals, demonstration of Schutzhund trainer

Graff Tracking Routine 2016 AWMA Nationals

Joe Moldovan’s dog Graff doing a tracking routine, one demo of a Schutzhund trainer

Graff Protection Routine 2016 AWMA Nationals

oe Moldovan and Graff Protection Routine AWMA nationals, ipo training shown

What Our Customers Say

Advanced K9 Training - Line

Advanced K9 Training - Stars

There are other places to take your dogs for Training but none who are as dedicated and as Joe...None. Joe is professional, friendly and it is obvious how much he truly loves animals. We drive an hour and 10 min each way , every week to train with Joe.... Hes that good!
Jacquie D.

Advanced K9 Training - Mark

Advanced K9 Training - Stars

Joe is an incredible dog trainer and animal lover. If your looking for a dog trainer I highly recommend him. We brought him Hades who was a high energy , stubborn 8 week old Cane Corso. After 2 weeks of board and train boot camp,Hades, returned as a disciplined dog. Throughout the process, Joe would send us videos of Hades progress. It was also a pleasure spending time with Joe as he taught us what he taught Hades. We are very pleased with what he accomplished with our dog.
Kathy G.

Advanced K9 Training - Stars

Joe Moldovan saved us. No mistake about it. We got, Mika, our sable GSD at 8 weeks with high hopes of training her for advanced obedience and mobility service. We very quickly realized that outside the house she was very nervous and fearful. Despite having previously trained a GSD successfully our progress was slow and at 6 months she was very difficult to walk. I worried about her near other dogs and children. After 2 weeks of board and train with Joe Mika’s fearfulness was dramatically lessened and I was able to walk her with much improved confidence. Since then, Joe has coached me as a dog handler and we continue to make steady progress on all fronts. Now Mika is almost 1 year old and when we’re out and about with her we often hear comments about how well behaved she is. Like I said, Joe saved us. Thanks, Joe. B.
Joe. B.

Advanced K9 Training - Stars

Joe's many years of experience both in pet training and high-level competition makes it easy for him to target training issues and streamline training programs for your dog.
Results are fast and realistic.
Joe has helped me throughout the years training my German shepherd dogs.
I highly recommend Advanced K9 training!
Felicia R.

Advanced K9 Training - Mark
We train all breeds of dogs!

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