Detection training: very experienced help at your fingertips

Detection Training

 Below, in photo-gallery, are picture of a form of service dog training. with  Argo being certified as an explosive detection dog on a military base.

Here at Advanced K9 Training of Bucks County, we offer all types of detection training, including explosive, drug, cigarette, and bed bug. We have a vast amount of experience working with detection dogs. My experience with detection dogs include: Tobacco sniffing, drug, explosive detection, bed bug detection, etc.   

 Argo and I attended an explosive detection seminar and certification in Florida.

I was featured in a "New York Post article called "the dogs that protect NY"

So, if you are  Police Department, looking for training a bomb detection dog, or you are looking for a bed bug detection work,as a form of service dog training, we have the correct experience to train your canine team's handlers in the art of detection work, where your canine will be a reliable partner for you.    Please call me at  917-692-3650  to discuss your training needs.

See the pictures below: