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From pet to Competition Level Obedience


I'm an experienced dog Trainer in Bucks County, PA. I started training dogs in 1969 with a German Shepherd. A couple of years  later, I joined the German Shepherd Dog Club of Long Island, where I  started showing German Shepherds in conformation and teaching obedience  and show handling classes. When AKC (American Kennel Club) wasn't  challenging enough, I joined the Allgemeiner Schutzhund Club of Long  Island, where I eventually became the training director. Schutzhund is a  sport/temperament test that involves tracking, obedience, and  protection.

In  1987, I bought a working bloodline German Shepherd puppy. I raised  Dingo and trained him to a Schutzhund III, which is the highest training  degree in Schutzhund. He attained that title at 3 years of age. After  Dingo retired, I bought an 8 week old Belgium Malinois named Asko, who I  also raised and trained to a Schutzhund III title. Asko was a super dog  in obedience, and just as good in protection and tracking. I put 7  Schutzhund III's on him, and competed in the National Championship with  him in 1996, where he came in 12th out of about 70 dogs. He had the  second highest obedience score in the Nationals. I was also involved in  theater work with Asko at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. He also  appeared on television. I also did commercials and photo shoots with my  daughter's Chihuahua, Shadow. Most recently he appeared in a Verizon  commercial and an ad for the "Wall Street Journal."

From  1985 until 2000, I owned a business in Brooklyn, NY called  Pet-Hide-A-Way. There I did grooming, dog training, boarding, and sold  pet supplies. I trained dogs for customers in obedience and behavior  problem solving. I lived on Long Island from 2001 until 2015, where  I trained dogs in obedience and behavior problem solving. My last  competition dog was a Belgium Malinois named Argo. On October 8-10,  2004, he won the North-Eastern Schutzhund III & IPO III Regional  championships. He had multiple IPO III titles on him. In the Spring of  2005, I competed in the North American championship, where Argo came in  6th place overall, 3rd handler/owner trained, and 1st alternate breed.  He also tied for the highest protection score of 98 points. The judges'  comment was that, "this is the caliber of dog that we see in the FCI  Championship (World Championship)." In November of 2005, I competed with  Argo in the Malinois Championships, where he came in 4th. He scored  highest in tracking with a score of 98 points. I also qualified to  compete in the World Championships in Europe.

Argo  had lots of talents; one of them is being a movie star. In 2005, he was  involved in a shoot in Staten Island for the T.V. network "Lifetime".  He was also involved (June 8th, 2006) in an MTV shoot for a pilot comedy  series called "Human Giant". Argo made an appearance on "Whoa!" which  aired on Animal Planet. He also appeared on the David Chappelle show.  Another one of his talents was being a working explosive detection  dog. Argo also worked protecting a major building in Manhattan for a  couple of years.

Additionally,  for two and a half years, I worked with tobacco sniffing dogs at the  Deutsche Bank deconstruction site and other construction sites. I also  worked with a Belgium Malinois, Ikon, and my current certified explosive  detection dog, Graffight Des Ombres Valeureux IPO III FH, searching at  the Port of New York, and in schools. Additionally, I did bed  bug detection in residences and businesses with a Golden Retriever and a  Lab. Argo, Ikon, and Graff were all trained by me since they were  puppies. For more information on this, check out the Detection page up  top.

In  2016, I moved out to Pennsylvania, where I continue my passion of  training dogs. I continue to compete in Schutzhund trials with my dog,  Graffight, hoping to earn greater titles.

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Joe (267-209-3271)

Guaranteed with over 40+ years experience! Multiple I.P.O medals shown

Guaranteed with over 40+ years experience! Multiple I.P.O medals shown